FOX47 NEWS - Desperate For Packer Tickets

Jeff Angileri
Jan 16, 2008, 10:33 PM

Packer fan Chris Nabours wants to go the Packer-Giants game.

So he has posted an ad on Craigslist saying he will be your personal groundskeeper in exchange for two tickets.

I'm not going to try to woo you or try to fall in love with you. I will work hard for them for an entire year, Nabours says.

He will shovel your snow, mow your lawn and do other various chores.

I will move the paper to the front stairs, says Nabours.

There are some conditions to the deal.
You have to provide the tools and the interested party needs to be from the Madison area.

In his office surrounded by his Packer popcorn, Packer jersey and even what he calls a Packer bush-Nabours continually checks for any takers.

To many fans, tickets to this weekends playoff game are worth more than gold.

And Nabours says he wouldn't trade them for anything.

You could build me a house and I would be at this game!

And as cheesy as his offer is, Nabours knows the chances of someone taking the deal are very very slim.

Do I think there would be an offer? No. I think come Sunday I will be on my couch. At least I will be warm though, Nabours says.

Nabours says if he doesn't have any takers, he will try to work for a pair of Superbowl tickets if the Packers make it.

But this time he says he will make it a multi-year deal and will add more duties like baby sitting and security.

He says he will even be willing to be your personal assistant.

You can find Nabours offer on Craigslist.

But if you are interested in giving your tickets to him, you can also call him at 608-819-4663.

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