FOX47 NEWS - Hot Jobs

Jeff Angileri
Feb 5, 2008, 10:43 PM

The heavy snow made The Henry Vilas Zoo look like a snow globe,

But inside The Tropical Rain Forest Aviary- it was down right steamy.

In this building it's 74 degrees, says zoo keeper Joe Myszkowski .

Myszkowski cares for a wide variety of tropical animals.

Some fish, some mammals, some birds,

He says caring for the warm weather creatures and maintaining the building can build up quite a sweat, especially with the 65 percent humidity.

But Myszkowski says sweating is better than freezing.

I'm inside all the time, all the time I work I'm inside so I have a real good deal in the winter time because I'm nice and warm and cozy in here and not outside where it's minus five degrees, Myszkowski says.

How would you like to spend your work day by the pool?

Beth Battista is a lifeguard at the indoor water park at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Madison's west side,

She says the best thing about the job- it feels like summer all year round.

It's nice to look outside and see that it's snowing and you're inside in 86 degree weather with tropical plants around you it's nice, Battista says.

Although their jobs keep them cozy during the blistery winter months- they say when the season changes, so does their attitude.

In the summer it's hard because you're inside and it's nice and sunny outside, says Battista.

When it's nice outside and there is a nice breeze and it's 70 degrees in here and you're sweating, yeah there are trade offs, Myszkowski says.

Both warm weather workers do have to brave the in-climate weather like the rest of us.. at least for a little while.

Myszkowski has to shovel and salt the walkways around the aviary and Battista is also a kindergarten teacher and has to share recess duties.

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