FOX47 NEWS - New Law, New Hope

Jeff Angileri
Feb 10, 2008, 8:42 PM

Greg Seidlitz was in the Army's 82nd Air Borne division in Iraq.

He was there for the invasion.

He was not physically injured.

So when he was discharged back in 2004.

He never registered with the v-a hospital.

A big mistake.

Because two years later his life started to fall apart.

Due to emotional problems - related to the war.

I think of soldiers who've lost their lives, Seidlitz says.

He also started to lose a lot sleep.

My brain stay's alert, I have trouble getting to sleep because there is no one to protect me subconsciously, says Seidlitz.

The problems started affecting him socially and professionally.

It started getting worse and worse.

After a series of tests, Seidlitz was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

When Siedlitz tried to get help from the VA, he was told he missed the two year deadline to register, so help was limited.

I've been home for over two years, it's a lot of paper work trying to get into the VA hospital and get help. I was getting some help and I've been trying since October, Seidlitz says.

On January 28th, he got what he was hoping for.

President Bush signed The National Defense Authorization Act- extending the sign up deadline from two to five years.

Now Seidlitz has the coverage and has an appointment to see a doctor in the next couple days.

Now he's on a mission to make sure all veterans like him know there is still time.

It's an hour of your life and consider it preventative maintenance, Seidlitz says.

He says that hour spent filling out paper work could save them the headache 10 to 20 years down the road.

Seidlitz says veterans can get signed up by contacting their county veteran's service office.

To contact the Dane County office call (608)266-4158.

You can also find information about the Wisconsin Veteran's Affairs office by logging onto http://dva.state.wi.us/

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