FOX47 NEWS - Reuniting Friends

Jeff Angileri
Feb 11, 2008, 11:13 PM

Kionna Garvin and Michaela Smith say they haven't seen many of their friends since the Baraboo Boys and Girls Club closed in October.

Because they go to different schools, Garvin says.

So for these long time friends and other members of the club, today was a reunion.

I said I missed them, I haven't seen them in a while, says member Ashley Baxter.

12 year old Jeremy Collier was in a quieter room doing homework.

He says the club has taught him something he couldn't learn in a book- the value of friendship.

It teaches you no matter what happens, you're with that friend good or bad, something happens their family good or bad, Collier says.

In three months the club raised more than 257-thousand dollars.

Using that money to give the club a face lift- re-painting the walls- replacing the carpet and most importantly it bought a new tracking system.

Helping us track our children when they arrive and when they leave, the number of programs they're attending, which program they're attending, says Club Director Sarah Resch.

You could hear the kids voices all the way down the hallway
And for the staff, it was music to their ears.

It was those kids that inspired the staff and other members of the community to raise the funds.

They say in their minds- it was never *if they re-opened- it was always when.

We thought about today everyday.. we thought about the day we'd reopen, says staff member Monica Erm.

The Baraboo Boys and Girls Club still needs volunteers, if you are interested, log onto www.bgcbsc.org

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