FOX47 NEWS - Rock Star Status

Jeff Angileri
Feb 20, 2008, 9:35 PM

A Chicago area band is headed for Rock Star status, in a hurry.

Adam, Rose, Lisa, Michael and Stephen are members of a band called Dot Dot Dot- if the name seems familiar, it's because the band appeared on a reality TV show called The Greatest American Band, that aired last season on Fox.

We caught up with the band before their concert in Fitchburg-

One of the hundreds of venues they'll play this year.

We play for a living and we play like adam says, between 3 and a hundred times a week.

The band says they are kicking off their long tour after taking a hiatus to appear on the show.

They say it's what brought the rock band together.

I don't know it was one of those things where we were in bands where it can only go a certain level and we wanted to take it a bit further and here we are right now.

They say the experience was a lot different from what they expected. In fact they say they were busier touring local venues than performing on national television.

I don't know it was like rock and roll sleep away camp. We went from playing two 90 minute sets a night, to two 90 seconds once a week.

The band was confident that they would make it to Hollywood, but admit that they had pretty low expectations after that.

We thought we'd be here a week a we'll get a vacation, we'll be here two weeks, then the third week- Dot Dot Dot- we got the third week and we'll get kicked off.

And they were there two weeks longer than they predicted. In fact Dot Dot Dot made it all the way to the top five on the show.

And although they didn't end up taking the prize. They say they're okay with 5th place.

After Tre Bien, we were the only rock band left on the show.

Like American Idol- bands were voted on by viewers-
And like American Idol- three judges picked apart each performance.

Although some of the advice was harsh- members of Dot Dot Dot say they appreciated all the feedback.

I think they had valid points I loved all of them, Shiela, Dicko, Johnny, were awesome. They are great people and they had nothing but good things to say because I think they expected a lot out of us.

Now the vacation is over and the band is back on the road.

Except this time they have a lot more momentum.
The band is being scouted by a major record label- but who that is- is being kept a secret.

We've been talked to by people, people have been saying some really nice things, and they've offered us some really nice things. So maybe now in the next month and a half- we'll know what we can do with those things that they have offered us.

The show has also broadened their fan base- which in turn has expanded their tour.

Booking shows in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

All of Dot Dot Dot say they owe a lot of their success to 'The Greatest American Band.'

Still they have one regret. They never got to thank their fans.

Dot Dot Dot will be back in Fitchburg at the Dry Bean on April 11th.

To find out more about the band- check out their website-

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