FOX47 NEWS - Power Concerns

Jeff Angileri
Feb 25, 2008, 10:31 PM

Gathering tonight in Fitchburg, residents from all over Dane County studied maps, graphs and other informational boards on a project proposed by the American Transmission Company.

American Transmission Company in this proposal is saying we need this transmission line in order to support the growth in this area, says PSC spokesman Tim Le Monds.

Experts were on hand to explain the details that included a couple possible routes.

The shortest- strings the high voltage lines through the beltline near the Arboretum and the longest cuts through the Village Of Oregon.

For the PSC to engage with the public and hear some of the concerns that we may not be aware of, Le Monds says.

And the public had many concerns.

Especially with where some of those routes were placed.

Brad Kramer says one cuts through his property in Paoli.

We're pretty concerned about how it will affect our property. We have about five acres out there and we built out there because of the beauty and now it's going to go through the farm land, Kramer says.

Bernie Spiegel says another route would make his private landing strip useless.

We have an airport runway that would actually not usable if the towers were to be placed in the proposed alternate, Spiegel says.

The project would put more than 400 poles standing 120 feet across Dane County.

Some say it would take away from the beauty of the state and suggest the power lines be installed underground- even if it costs more money.

The American Transmission Company did not include an option to install the miles of power lines underground.

But Le Monds says that doesn't mean that the PSC won't consider it.

He says tonight's event was just the first in many opportunities for the public to comment.

The PSC expects to hold more formal public hearings this summer.

Right now, the project is estimated to cost around 250 million dollars.

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