FOX47 NEWS - Setting The Stage

Jeff Angileri
Feb 28, 2008, 11:07 PM

Downtown Columbus looks like something out of the late 1800's.

Which is the main reason why Hollywood scouts picked the city to film parts of Public Enemies.

Columbus sold it's self on this deal- that's the exciting part of it- we've always known we've had a great little town here, says Columbus Main Street Association President Todd Frey.

Todd Frey took us on a tour of some of the locations.. he says so far, 15 buildings have been picked to be in the film.

Including an art gallery that use to be a bank.

Owner Kim Bates says it's the outside of the building movie reps are interested in.

They've only told me they're going build a false entry way by the doors. The scene will be shot of Johnny Depp running out the door and jumping into the getaway car! says Bates.

Although downtown Columbus suits the time period, film makers have already made changes, such as taking the awnings off buildings and they plan to do plenty more.

They will be replacing the letters missing from the top, and making the window's look old, and probably put different doors, Bates says.

The word on the street is that they are going to be putting in a cobble stone carpet on the streets and they will be basically blocking off the down town section, Frey says.

Although the full crew won't be in columbus for a few weeks, the film is already boosting the local economy.

They have been buying things in town, they have been buying things from the antique shops they have been renting equipment they're in our restaurants. They are spending money in our town! Mayor Nancy Oosterhouse.

And that's not the only thing that has residents excited.

oh my god, he's so hot! says Jenna Gmeinder.

Many say just having a major star like Johnny Depp in town has them all giddy.

Wow this is the most exciting thing that has happened to columbus since the carriage classic, Owen Lueders.

As seen on Public Enemy. Johnny Depp was here!

Columbus will be the very first location shot for the film public enemies.

So the city is busy making preparations.

Oosterhouse says their streets department will be working through the night to remove all the snow around downtown streets.

And that's because crews will be bringing in their own snow.

The owners of the buildings chosen for the film will be paid a location fee.

Filming of the movie is expected to start in the middle of March.

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