FOX47 NEWS - Local Vintage Cars Hit The Big Screen

Jeff Angileri
Mar 9, 2008, 8:09 PM

You could say some of Terry Hellenbrand's cars are a bit noisy,

And old but restoring vintage cars is his hobby.

My wife needed a new hobby so I started collecting and working on old cars, Hellenbrand says.

A hobby some of his friends have made fun of over the years.

Everybody kind of laughs because they say the kind of people who collect these cars are usually a lot older, most of them are passing away, Hellenbrand says.

Now Hellenbrand is having the last laugh.

Six of those vintage vehicles will be featured in the movie Public Enemies.

I went down to Milwaukee to Miller Park, signed up down there and took pictures of the cars and I guess these are some they wanted to feature in the movie, Hellenbrand says.

Universal Studio's originally asked for four cars.

They requested two more at the last minute.

We got them going, got new batteries, got lights going in case it got to be a late night and of course last Saturday they called and asked for the two model A's and they were the two we didn't have prepared because we didn't know, says Hellenbrand.

Hellenbrand admits he is a little star struck at the possibility of meeting Johnny Depp.

I am one of the biggest fans of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, but I'm sure it will be a different look, I'm sure we wont see dreadlocks in this movie, Hellenbrand says.

And he has a good chance at meeting the hollywood superstar.

The studio wants Hellenbrand to drive one of his cars in the movie-and asked for volunteers for the other five vehicles.

Now he is one of the most popular men in town.

Couple sister in laws that want to drive, a couple of gals upstairs, and some people who just show up to the store have asked if they can drive, he says.

Including his son Taylor.

Not many people can say they've been in a movie around here, Taylor Hellenbrand says.

Hellenbrand says he is excited to be part of the movie- even if it is for just a few seconds of screen time.

He will be driving down the two Model A's to Columbus Monday morning.

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