FOX47 NEWS - Spring Break Cut Short

Jeff Angileri
Mar 19, 2008, 10:15 PM

At Spring Hill Middle School in Wisconsin Dells, students already have their spring breaks planned out.

But those vacation plans will be cut short.

School board officials voted to change the calendar.

Now students will return to school the Monday after spring break instead of Tuesday to make up for a snow day.

The decision allows students to start summer vacation as scheduled.

June 6th is a Friday, students would have to come back on the 9th but instead of having the kids come back on the 9th, they'll be done the 6th, says district administrator Chuck Whitsell.

Many parents say the extra day of school conflicts with their vacation plans.

I have talked to a few parents in the community who have said they made plans that they made plane reservations and motel reservations for places, says 2nd grade teacher Shelly Coughlin.

But the plan adds an extra day for teachers.

They had to be at school on Monday anyway for an in-service day,

now that has been moved to the summer.

We would have been off on Friday now we have to come back on Monday, Coughlin says.

Mary Moore is a junior at Wisconsin Dells High School and is the student delegate for the districts school board.

Moore says she has received a lot of complaints from seniors.

If we were to make it up June 9th they would they would have graduated and don't have to make it up, but now they have to make it up with us, Moore says.

Still she and other students agree with the decision.

Moore says they would rather make up a school day while there is still snow on the ground.

We don't want to sit in the hot school June 9th. It's better to make it up now, she says.

Spring break for public school students in the Dells starts Friday.

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