FOX47 NEWS - Park Plans

Jeff Angileri
Apr 7, 2008, 11:14 PM

For many, the 50 year old shelter at Tenney Park in Madison- brings back a lot of fond memories.

What people remember about the park is going skating when they were little and skating on the wonderful lagoon and under the bridge- and going into the shelter to get warm, says Tenney Park Shelter Group member Peg Smelser.

But many neighboring residents want that same shelter torn down.

Neighborhood volunteers say the building is not only getting old- it's getting cramped.

And according to a survey the group sent out last year- many of those who use the facility agree.

They've said they wanted to have something more. They wanted better bathrooms, a nicer facility, Says Group Chair Mary Lang Sollinger.

The group presented building plans for the first time at a city meeting.

The proposed facility will be twice as big as the current shelter and will serve a lot more purposes.

It will have a kind of a meeting room, or a room for weddings, graduations and it will have a nice big porch so some of the wedding can spill over into that area, Sollinger says.

The new building is designed to fit well with it's historic surroundings.

The park itself is a national historic landscape, so to have the building keeping with the park, the style of architecture in the park, and have it a useful building is very important to us, Smelser says.

The group says they want more than just a bigger building.

They say the goal is to enhance the quality and history of the park so it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

The proposed shelter is estimated to cost around $1.3 (M).

The plan still needs more city approvals, but supporters hope to break ground in a year.

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