FOX47 NEWS - Missing Boy Found In Green County

Jeff Angileri
Apr 14, 2008, 9:47 PM

It was a sea of smiles at the Skogen household near Monroe

after news that 11-year-old Austin Skogen was found alive and unharmed.

The news of him being okay was as just like not being able to find him it was just an overwhelming emotional feeling, says Austin's grandmother Donna Skogen.

At around 7:00 am Monday The Green County Sheriff's Department received a call that Skogen had gone missing.

He was last seen at 4:00 am sleep walking in his home.

Hours later he was gone.

My sister went to wake him up for school and he wasn't there, says Austin's aunt Alyssa Pretsch.

Also missing was the families ATV.

Family and friends were among the more than 50 volunteers who searched several hours and miles for the boy.

We probably went 3 to 4 miles in every direction from here and we kind of went out northwest to where his grandfather lived near Mount Horeb, says Lieutenant Richard Wyttenbach of the Green County Sheriff's Department.

Around seven hours after being reported missing Skogen was found unharmed.

A sheriff's deputy and DNR warden found an ATV outside of a concrete silo about two miles away from the Skogen home.

Austin was found asleep inside.

Family members say Skogen has a history of sleep walking and believed that's what he was doing when he went missing.

Law enforcement officials tell us the boy left the home in the early morning hours voluntarily.

Grandmother Donna Skogen says they don't care why he left or where he was going- they're just glad he's okay.

He doesn't need to be scolded because he knows... I just can't wait to give him a big hug. I'm just glad that he's okay, says Donna Skogen.

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