FOX47 NEWS - Locals Travel To See The Pope

Jeff Angileri
Apr 20, 2008, 7:34 PM

Followers at Our Lady Queen Of Peace catholic church in Madison- were buzzing about another service happening hundreds of miles away.

The Pope is kind of like a rock star, you can fill up huge stadiums and all sorts of people want to come together and enjoy the celebration, says church goer Tom Walker.

Pope Benedict XVI held a special service at Yankee Stadium in New York Sunday afternoon.

The venue was packed with thousands of followers- including UW senior Ashley Petros.

She says they may not be going to a rock concert- but the feeling is the same.

We're going to see the same sort of thing when we're there. A lot of cheer for the pope and this isn't a rock star or star athlete, Petros says.

Petros joined eight other's representing St. Paul's church on UW's campus.

Including Tasha Havercamp who works with students at the parish.

She is the second member of her family to see the leader of the catholic church in person.

My mom vividly remembers when she saw Pope John Paul and how it affected her life. It was at a distance but being in the same area as someone like him can be a powerful experience so I think it will be an amazing thing, Havercamp says.

Nathan Stanley says he looks forward to the personal encounter- and hopes to take something back from the experience.

I hope to come back with a renewed excitement for my own faith, he says.

Petros says millions of people travel thousands of miles to the Vatican to be in the Pope's presence.

But the fact that the Pope has come to the U.S. to meet with followers here.. makes the encounter extra special.

The Diocese of Madison gave a total of 84 tickets to it's followers.

Those include tickets to Thursday's mass at National's Stadium in Washington D.C. and Sunday's mass at Yankee Stadium.

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