FOX47 NEWS - Flood Fighting Preparations

Jeff Angileri
Apr 25, 2008, 5:27 PM

Warning from Dane County Emergency Management:

Dane County Department of Emergency Management has been monitoring the impact of last night's storms and the potential of severe weather later this afternoon. Currently Dane County is under a Tornado Watch until approximately 8:00 P.M. tonight. The Department of Emergency Management has been contacting local units of government throughout the day to extend offers for service, and assess both levels of damage and preparedness.

With the combination of saturated soils, existing standing water, and more rain expected, there is an increased chance of flash flooding. Weather conditions are rapidly changing and can create severe flooding in just a matter of minutes. More rain, even in smaller amounts, can have a greater impact due to the current saturated conditions.

Individuals who need sandbags for emergency situations should contact their local unit of government.

Persons are STRONGLY encouraged to stay out of flood waters, both standing and flowing. Flood waters contain unknown debris and distort road conditions that could cause serious injury. DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY IN FLOOD WATERS!

Dane County Emergency Management and the Dane County Sheriff's Office are monitoring conditions across the county and working with local governments to support local response as needs warrant.

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