FOX47 NEWS - Retail Stores Hope Shoppers Spend Rebates

Jeff Angileri
May 4, 2008, 7:44 PM

Ryan and Viann Lampman are checking out the laptop selection at the Circuit City on Madison's westside.

The couple haven't received their tax refund yet, but they already know how they're going to spend it.

We were thinking about getting a laptop for a while but the rebate check definitely will help, Viann Lampman says.

Which is exactly what retail stores hope for.

Since the first batch of rebate checks sent out last week, manager Ryan Nikolay says shoppers are buying electronics like i-pods, cell phones, cameras and the most popular item- HD TV's.

Once people start to see those things come in, we are definitely seeing a lot more shoppers right now, people are starting to get an idea of what they want to spend it on I think, Nikolay says.

Not everyone wants to spend their refund.

Some plan to put the money toward their bills.

We took a vacation to Florida last month with our grand daughters, we promised them when they were born so it's going towards that, Philena Olson.

Ryan Sanchez's wife also wants to pay bills with the money, but he has other ideas.

Well we were buying a house so we got a patio that we wanted to put in so, I know she was saying bills, but it'll probably go towards that, Sanchez says.

Steve Mueller already has a big screen TV, but with his rebate check on the way, he's at least considering another one.

We were thinking of probably getting a TV for our main room and moving the other TV to the basement. The rebate check will definitely help us out, Mueller says.

Which is exactly what retail stores want to hear.

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