FOX47 NEWS - UW Students Send Help To China

Jeff Angileri
May 14, 2008, 9:38 PM

Monday UW graduate student He Chang was in a panic.

His family lives in Sichuan Province.

16 miles away from the earthquake's center.

I started to call my family, and I couldn't get to them. So I was worried, Chang says.

After hours of frantic calls, he talked to his family who was scared, but safe.

They described the chaos to him over the phone.

Some where scared and some even cried, Chang says.

Freshman Shaoyu Lin is president of the UW's Chinese Undergraduate Association.

He says many of his chinese peers feel helpless.

A lot of people are just doing their finals. They don't really know what happened, Lin says.

Lin's family is from Bejing.

He says even though they are miles away from the devastation, he was determined to help.

We can do something and we should do something at least, Lin says.

Lin started a mass e-mail, informing other chinese students about the latest news as well as links for ways to donate money.

Lin himself sent his entire savings to China.

For me and my friends, we donated all the money in my bank so I have no money, Lin says.

Both Lin and Chang are taking their efforts even further.

When both return to China this summer, they plan to travel to the affected areas to volunteer.

I will try my best to help those people there, donate my blood or something, Chang says.

I have some basic training so I think I can do something for them, Lin says.

Lin is working on an English version of his mass e-mail.

If you wanted to be added to the list, you can e-mail him at slin26@wisc.edu

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