FOX47 NEWS - Auditing For Answers

Jeff Angileri
Jun 4, 2008, 11:11 PM

David Glomp brought a laundry list of concerns to the Dane County Board's meeting concerning the 911 center's operations.

Topping the list: the center's current technology.

I'm concerned that the electronic 911 system or e-911 system is not up to level that it should be even though we were promised several years ago that it would be, Glomp says.

Which is a question Dane County Board members also want answered.

They are proposing a full audit of the 9-1-1 center.

Looking at standard operating procedure, frequency of dropped calls-staffing levels and overtime.

This wasn't the first audit-

Board members completed one in 2004-

Tom Clauder called for that audit four years ago- he says it was overlooked.

From 2004 to 2008- four the years they've had it- and it didn't get the day in court that it should of had, Clauder says.

In fact the issue of staffing was addressed in the 2004 audit- requesting the addition of 8 new members.

It wasn't until Zimmerman's murder that Dane County officials are now adding those positions.

Board Chairman Scott McdDonell says they will use the old study as a guide.

Have the changes been made that have been recommended, are we following those policy changes, what staffing increases may be needed from that audit to this audit, McDonell says.

The Dane County Board approved a proposal for the audit.

That will be brought back to the board at a later date.

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