FOX47 NEWS - Cleaning Up After The Storm

Jeff Angileri
Jun 8, 2008, 9:17 PM

Residents in Stoughton are cleaning up after a storm that many say lasted only seconds..

The storm blew down fences, damaged homes and ripped trees from their roots.

The storm gave Ron Welhoefer a good view of his neighbors.

You couldn't see the neighbors house. Now there are stumps everywhere, Welhoefer says.

The tornado that tore through the Stoughton area three years ago missed this neighborhood by a quarter of a mile,

But this time around- strong winds made quite a mess.

This year was a lot worse, we only had a few branches blown around in 2005. Here you see trees uprooted- and tipped over, Welhoefer says.

Frank Parkel says he was surprised at how much damage was caused by a storm he described as short and silent.

Even though this city was hit twice by powerful storms in three years, Parkel says they're lucky.

Trees can be replaced. We are just glad no one was hurt in the neighborhood, Parkel says.

Now the neighborhood is picking up the pieces,

hoping the next severe storm is more than three years away.

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