FOX47 NEWS - Mass for Flooding Victims

Jeff Angileri
Jun 15, 2008, 6:16 PM

On a bright, sunny morning in the Wisconsin Dells, people at St. Cecilia's Parish stood for hope, in the wake of this month's torrential rainfall and flooding.

Bishop Robert Morlino made special arrangements to preside over today's mass, and to help heal a community in need of moral support.

People have lost homes, he said. They've lost property. They've lost crops. And the temptation is after all of that to lose hope.

Hope came in the form of prayers, singing, and a special monetary collection for flood victims.

And as parishoners pointed out, tragedies like this often foster a determination to help others re-build.

Richard Makowski, of Wisconsin Dells, said Business people and individuals can get together and see what they can do, how they can help each other to survive.

Fred Kaminski, of Wisconsin Dells, said, Great, encouraged. You know we've gone through a lot this past week, and we've been luckier than most. But, I'll tell you we have to all pull together.

After Sunday's ceremony, people seem to have gotten the message.

You've got to have hope, said Brian Purdy, of Wisconsin Dells. There's going to be a brighter tomorrow. Things happen in life that no one predicts or can even comprehend sometimes. But, you keep going forward and get the hope in yourself and charge forward.

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