FOX47 NEWS - Lake Delton Passes Emergency Resolution

Jeff Angileri
Jun 23, 2008, 9:17 PM

Dozens of people packed into the administration building in Lake Delton this afternoon, and most left disappointed.

Rick Wilcox, a Lake Delton homeowner, said, I thought we were going to hear solutions as to what they were going to do. There were people out there working today They said at 2 o'clock they were going to talk about three different options. Today at the meeting they didn't talk about any options.

Just an emergency resolution to expedite repairs on the Lake Delton dam, expand the spillway, and fix surrounding roads. Board members say they're focusing on infrastructure and business to avoid what they call an economic catastrophe.

Lake Delton Village Trustee Tom Diehl said, We're moving forward and trying to ease the fears of those resort owners on the lake, and business people and residents on the lake that they're going to have a lake next year. We have twenty lakeside resorts that need their customers to continue frequenting this summer so that they can be in business next year.

For people on Lake Delton who watched homes wash away in torrential floods, help is not coming fast enough.

Wilcox said, They've acted very quickly to get financial help from the state and FEMA to rebuild Highway A, but they're working very slowly to help the people who lost their homes. So, we want answers.

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