FOX47 NEWS - Devil's Lake Re-opens

Jeff Angileri
Jun 29, 2008, 5:46 PM

Flood waters proved a disaster during the summer travel season. Businesses closed, inconvenient road detours, the severly damaged environment...for many people, vacation plans were changed or cancelled all together.

With the reopening of a popular state park, summertime fun has finally begun in Southern Wisconsin.

Packing up after a weekend getaway at Devil's Lake State Park, James Vu of Madison said, The lake was nice. It was really funny too because the water was like five feet higher than it usually is.

Though still swollen from flood water run off, Devil's Lake was still peaceful enough for a serene canoe ride, and a quick summertime dip.

Grilling some fresh pork on the shore, taking in a family hike, hundreds took part in the camping experience, which brought people from as far away as Singapore.

Jim Hoffman of Singapore, said, We've been camping since we were little kids, that's forty years ago in my case. So, this brings us back to old memories.

We love the nature, said Tracy Dybro of Brookfield, We're always so busy that it's nice just to do nothing, be outside, eat outside with the family.

Thanks to insect-resistant tents and plenty of bug spray, campsites buzzed with human activity.

A game of Scrabble took the place of a bike ride for one family. With most trails closed, their bicycles remained parked outside the trailers.

But for camp goers, no impediment could prevent them from enjoying this weekend getaway.

Said Dybro, Nothing will keep us from camping, no mosquitoes, no wind, we've been playing games, going in the camper, the kids color, take a hike, just cope.

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