FOX47 NEWS - Sauk Co. Youth Show Off Livestock at Fair

Jeff Angileri
Jul 9, 2008, 10:14 PM

One month ago, the skies darkened over Sauk County. Devastating rains washed away homes, crops, and dreams.

But, for 250 children, one simple dream is still alive today--that of a blue ribbon at the county fair.

Not even a 500-year flood could put a damper on a 154-year-old summer tradition.

Sauk County youngsters came to the fairgrounds in Baraboo to show off years of hard work.

Carolyn of Spring Green, says, You have to trim up your goats, you have to make sure they're going to lead with you, and make sure they look nice.

Drew Tobey of Loganville, says, I'm showing my sheep today, I'm showing my goats tomorrow, and llamas are on Friday.

Dedication is a one-word mission statement for the young competitors, who for years, wake-up early to feed, clean, walk, and raise the hundreds of animals at the fair.

I got here this morning and I washed all my calves and my cow, says Abigail Strunz. And we're just taking care of them for the rest of the week, and getting ready for the show.

Some took the opportunity to get in an early practice run before judging begins, by introducing some of the smaller animals to a group of Sauk County seniors.

Fairest of the Fair, Cathy Jo Luck of North Freedom, says, Some of these kids that show now--I remember when they first started. They've grown so much and they're doing so much better. That's the best part of it all.

As young as they are, many competitors are already decorated veterans.

Adam Greenwood of Baraboo, says, I went to the world beef expo in Milwaukee at the state fair and I got reserve champion.

But success is a relative word this year, when so many are just happy be here.

Everybody comes to the fair, says Jo Luck. They get a chance to forget what's going and work on something else..their projects, animals, show, watch the grandstand events. Even with all the flooding that's gone on and caused all the chaos, I think that the fair brings everybody together, and gives them a chance to escape that.

And ushers in the dawn of a new generation of youngsters, crowing for best in show bragging rights...at least until next year.

Fair organizers say they're expecting 30,000 people to attend this year. The fair runs through July 13th.

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