FOX47 NEWS - Hundreds March in Madison Pride Parade

Jeff Angileri
Jul 20, 2008, 5:59 PM

On a hot, sunny, weekend morning, hundreds of people gathered on the steps of the capitol for a rally meant to honor and celebrate the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

It's cool because the outreach in our community is amazing, and we're all here for eachother, says Justin Wilder of Stoughton. It doesn't matter where you come from or who you are.

Toby Sigle, who led the parade on her motorcycle, says, I think we all need to be fair Wisconsin, celebrate diversity, and being loud and proud.

Supporters wore symbolically colorful clothes, carried banners and signs during a march around the capitol square, and called for greater understanding and awareness of diversity.

We're here to nurture the next generation of LGBT leaders, says Rep. Tammy Baldwin, (D-WI). We're here to offer hope to all LGBT people and our allies, that full equality is within our reach.

Today's events were scaled back because of money problems, and the launching of an internal investigation into Madison Pride's finances.

Emcee Linda Lenzke says, On March 10th, 2008, members of the executive committee of Madison Pride Board, Inc., became aware that some bills from the 2007 event had not been paid as reported, and of other financial discrepancies.

There were also protesters. Many raised signs calling homosexuality immoral, citing religious reasons. Despite hopes of tolerance, Madison Pride welcomed the difference of opinion.

Says Madison Pride Co-Chair Dawnne Edseth, If we get free speech, everybody gets free speech. If we want tolerance, we have to offer and exercise tolerance as well.

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