FOX47 NEWS - Rock Springs Open for Business

Jeff Angileri
Aug 24, 2008, 6:11 PM

For the Village of Rock Springs, this summer has been more than harsh.

People there have faced a triple whammy...record floods, road closures, and no money for disaster relief. But the reopening of several business is giving people there hope.

The Coach House bar and restaurant has emerged from devastating floods. People say it's a symbol of Rock Springs' will to survive.

It was devastating, said owner Neil Caflisch. Over five feet of water, and it just tore everything apart. But, it's nice to be back. It's a good feeling.

Across the street, workers put in a new floor at On The Rocks bar and restaurant. Owner Kevin Rose says it's water proof, and he's renaming it The Flood Zone.

We completely gutted it, said Rose. Everything is going to be pretty much new. We're gonna finish up the drywall, the trim, get new coolers in. Hopefully open up again by September 15th.

Despite these successes, others have given up. For sale signs appear in many widows. Rock Springs has not seen a penny of federal aid.

They're on their own, said village assistant Deanna Ploof. We haven't gotten any assistance for our community center, our parks, or anything else yet. We're still waiting.

Coming back from the floods has been a logistical nightmare, because the road to recovery is literally closed. Highway 136, Rock Springs' main artery, is still under construction, and an 8.5 mile detour is the only access from Highway 12.

I wish I could make it go faster, said Ploof. Right now, there's only so much we can do.

They'll regain another connection to the world Monday, when the post office opens. Empty mailboxes will finally be stuffed with letters, post cards, and, residents hope, a big check from FEMA.

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