FOX47 NEWS - Hunters Take Safety Precautions

Jeff Angileri
Nov 2, 2008, 4:33 PM

Several hunting seasons are already underway across Wisconsin.

At the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center outside of Waunakee, hunters came to sight and adjust their firearms.

We want to be as accurate as we can be, said Duane Nolden of Waunakee. If you take a shot, you want to make sure you know what you're shooting at and where you're shooting.

Sgt. Lorie Wiessinger of Dane Co. Sheriff's Department, said, If they don't come in and sight a weapon, the rounds could be way off, and then that's a hazard to other people who are in the woods.

Dane County hopes the firearm checks will cut down on injuries and deaths this fall and winter.

But gun safety is only one part of a safe hunting experience, according to the sheriff's department. The other -- a healthy hunter. Hunters are three times more likely to die of a heart attack while hunting, than getting hit with a stray bullet.

Meriter Health staff was on hand for stress tests, blood and cholesterol screenings.

People forget that hunting is an athletic event, said Renee Robbins, an exercise physiologist. The adrenaline rush that a hunter feels when they see a deer, and the actual exertion when they drag a deer out of the woods, when they're gutting a deer. All those things cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase.

More than 1,000 people attended last year, and Dane County says it continues to see record numbers. Hunters site the quality and expertise of the instructors.

If you have any questions about rifles or guns, if you want a gun bore sighted, if you have any questions about shells, anything like that -- they're really knowledgeable here, Nolden said.

The hunter's sight-in program runs everyday through November 14th.

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