FOX47 NEWS - Algae Warning for Pet Owners

Jeff Angileri
Nov 3, 2008, 4:26 PM

The state Department of Natural Resouces is warning owners of pets and hunting dogs that blue green algae toxin can be fatal.

Three dogs died in late September and early October, during the start of duck hunting season, said the DNR. The deaths occured in Beaver Dam, Eau Claire County and Minnesota, along with another location that has not been identified.

The deadly toxin is released when the algae die, said DNR management specialist James Vennie.

It will turn green and purple colors.

Vennie warns that if the water is pea soup green, don't go into it.

Wisconsin attracts about 85,000 waterfowl hunters, said the DNR. It's the second highest in the nation behind only Texas.

About 60 percent of hunters use dogs to retrieve the game they shoot.

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