FOX47 NEWS - Break At The Pump

Jeff Angileri
Nov 24, 2008, 10:47 PM

Some are calling it an early Christmas present -- stations selling gas as low as $1.81 per gallon.

Regular unleaded gas is averaging $1.89 a gallon in Madison. That's down from a record high of $4.08 in July.

People who drive for a living are certainly noticing the difference. Over the summer and fall, pizza delivery drivers shelled out hundreds of dollars per week to fill up. They say the drop couldn't have come at a better time.

They pay for their own gas, pay for their own maintenance on their cars, said Nick Martin, manager of Ian's Pizza in Madison. So, it helps them out quite a bit, especially with the Madison winters that we have. It tends to wreak havoc on some of the cars.

It's awesome, says delivery driver Jessa Moore. I actually feel like I'm making some money -- coming out more ahead than before. It's great.

Ian's says it had to add a $1.50 delivery charge this year to help drivers cover the cost of gas.

They plan to keep the surcharge in place for the time being, because gas prices keep fluctuating.

According to AAA, gas prices will likely level out over the holidays. And they expect prices to rise again after the new year.

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