FOX47 NEWS - Working Outside Jobs in Winter

Jeff Angileri
Jan 15, 2009, 10:44 PM

For some people, staying indoors is not an option, even when the mercury is stuck below zero for days.

Take it from a 16-year veteran of the United States Postal Service -- working outside on the coldest day of the season is no picnic.

It's horrible, said mail carrier Diane Endes. It's hard to stay warm. No matter what you try to put on, some days you just can't stay warm.

In capital square, a repairman spent the day fixing a Walgreen's sign. After just a few minutes, his fingers were frozen.

I'm going to have to take at least one glove off to pick up the little tiny screws and get them started, said Jim Kaufman, sign service technician.

Frigid temperatures, burning wind chills, the city of Madison a literal ice cube.

Too cold for construction workers -- the University Avenue site was abandoned for the day. Even Madison, Gas & Electric said its utility workers stayed off the power lines. For bus riders, the wait to board a Metro bus was miserable.

I have three pairs of pants on right now, three shirts, three gloves, said UW student Erica Scott.

Car owners didn't fare any better. Icy batteries died all over the city, including Chris Hinrich's.

This first time this year -- there was once in November -- I think that should have been a sign, but it wasn't this bad either, he said.

Down the block, Pat Nee, another 16-year postal vet, tried his best to stay warm.

The hardest thing about this weather right now is I can't cover my face because it fogs up my glasses and I can't see, Nee said.

But, he added, this kind of weather certainly puts a jump in your step.

I keep on moving as fast as I can. I'm wearing half my wardrobe right now.

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