FOX47 NEWS - Monster Truck Promoter Killed in Accident

Jeff Angileri
Jan 25, 2009, 8:03 PM

A tragedy played out in front of thousands at a monster truck show in Madison Saturday night. The show's promoter and announcer was killed as he was run over

Spectators described the scene as horrifying -- a man walks onto the arena floor, and and is run over by one of the monster trucks.

Everybody was just shocked, said Theresa Blodgett of Madison. Then all the kids were standing there -- it was terrible. They brought the stretcher out and they said, show's over. EMS were there in about two minutes.

The Dane County coroner identified the victim as 41-year-old George Eisenhart, Jr., the show's promoter. The driver of the monster truck, a 54-year-old Ohio man, is a 20-year racing veteran. No criminal charges are expected. Sheriff Dave Mahoney called the incident a terrible accident.

A lot of the direction that comes after driving over the cars is dependent on how the trucks hit the cars, and what happens with the trucks when they come to a landing, Mahoney said.

The truck was doing what it was supposed to do, said William DiCarlo, Alliant Energy Center Executive Director. They just don't have any explanation why the staff member was at that spot at that time.

Mahoney said during his investigation he learned this is an extremely tight-knit group of people, and he says the accident will surely have an impact on the performance for years to come.

Officials canceled the final monster truck performance scheduled Sunday afternoon. In the midst of tragedy, they said, the show simply could not go on.

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