FOX47 NEWS - IBM Recruits in Madison

Jeff Angileri
Mar 31, 2009, 9:10 PM

Even in a recession, some employers are still hiring.

Tuesday in Madison, 1,300 jobs were up for grabs, but only about 40 people showed up to apply.

The computer technology company IBM came to Madison Area Technical College (MATC) looking for candidates to fill hundreds of jobs at its new midwest service center.

I'm pretty excited, said Linda Bonjour, student. I think it would be great to have a new business come in, something that will offer a lot of jobs, a new structure where you can get into the groundwork in your career.

IBM is recruiting people in Madison for its new technology service and delivery center in Dubuque, Iowa. People will work as support technicians, and help companies that use IBM computers. Instructors at MATC say this is a huge opportunity for their students looking for jobs.

To be honest right now, it's a little bit hairy, said Pete Niewald, MATC instructor. Our students that are graduating this semester and this year are having a little more trouble than they have in the past.

For students who are experiencing the harsh reality of job hunting in a recession, this was must-attend event.

You need to have 3 or 4 years experience, which I don't have yet because I'm just graduating and trying to get that experience, said Dan Sanger, student. It's hard to find to find even internships right now.

With IBM hiring entry-level technicians, students say they have a good chance at entering the workforce.

Sanger said, Things are always changing, you've got to be on the ball, you know, be active.

IBM expects to have all the jobs filled by the end of 2010. They're recruiting in Iowa and Illinois as well.


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