FOX47 NEWS - All Campus Party Week

Jeff Angileri
Apr 20, 2009, 10:31 PM

University of Wisconsin students are throwing a huge party this week. That's nothing new -- but this bash has all of the activities without the alcohol.

A kind of springtime serenade greeted students at Engineering Mall on the UW campus.

Excellent bands, said Drew Deitz, All Campus Party Week co-director. They braved the weather -- it was a little cold and windy out there.

Five groups performed live at the Battle of the Bands, part of the All Campus Party Week.

It actually started as a spring celebration, before everyone graduates and a way to celebrate Madison in an alcohol-free environment where everyone gets to bond and hang out together, said Kailey Bender, All Campus Party Week co-director.

The festivities come just as the campus is trying to salvage its reputation. The UW is known as a place where students drink way too much. Once again, UW-Madison made Playboy Magazine's list of the top ten party schools in America (#6). MTV is showcasing College Life as wild and dysfunctional entertainment. Organizers say they hope party week can help break the stereotype.

Part of the reason we take such pride in it is to celebrate the cool things we do to take the focus off drinking and the things Madison is known for at the national spotlight, and highlight the some of the positive things we do here, said Deitz.

And despite sober events, they've had no problem getting people to attend. When it comes to college students, they say, if you feed them, they will come.

Said Deitz, It's not everywhere or everyday you get to sit down and have a good burger in between classes.


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