FOX47 NEWS - Swine Flu Hits Rock County

Jeff Angileri
May 1, 2009, 10:34 PM

Rock County health officials say a local man is now quarantined at his home after experiencing swine-flu like symptoms.

He is an adult man who got sick after a recent trip to Mexico.

His symptoms are mild and he is being treated for his infection with anti-viral medications, said Karen Cain, R.N.

The department is investigating how many people had contact with him. Currently, 16 nurses are working on communicable disease cases.

The difficultly with a viral illness is you do have the ability to spread it from a day before you contract symptoms on thru seven days afterward, said Janet Zoellner, R.N.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified Rock County of the probable swine flu case. They won't say exactly where in the county he lives, but they're asking everyone to take precautions.

We take the swine flu threat very seriously simply because we have no immunity to it, Cain said.

The health department reiterated earlier advice to practice good hygiene. People living in Rock County have gotten the message.

Washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough, trying to stay away from people who sneeze, lots of sanitzer, said Adrianne Goebel of Janesville.

Washing my hands a lot lately since I'm handling money and stuff, using hand sanitzers a lot, said Monica Rodas of Janesville.

And they're trying not to panic.

I don't think it's a good idea to overreact, said Josh Siedschlag. I think there's a lot of overreaction already. As long as you can keep things open and keep the kids safe, that's the most important thing.

This is not a confirmed case. The health department said it would take a couple of days to get confirmation from the CDC.

Meantime, clinics and hospitals in Rock County sent in at least 7 other samples for testing.

Schools there will remain open for the time being. Health officials say the infected man has no school-aged kids, and did not have contact with children.

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