FOX47 NEWS - Dane County Sheriff's Officials Investigate Child Enticement Attempt

Kasey Breda
Feb 7, 2012, 8:29 PM

Town of Verona, Wis. -- Dane County Sheriff's deputies are continuing to investigate a child enticement attempt from Monday.Officials released a sketch of the suspect. They said he was wearing a distinctive hat with green and red triangular patches loosely sewn around it. The male suspect also had gray hair.Officials said the suspect was driving a white SUV, similar to a Toyota Rav4. The car had a standard Wisconsin license plate with no spare tire on the back.The original incident happened Monday morning around 9:30. Dane County Sheriff's officials said a 12-year-old female was walking to her bus stop on Nesbitt Road toward Cortina Drive.Officials said the suspect drove past her, made a U-turn, and came back toward the girl. They said he then rolled down the passenger side window and asked if she wanted a ride. Officials said the suspect became verbally aggressive and ordered the girl into his car.The girl's bus then arrived at her stop, and she was able to run safely to the bus.Anyone with information on this incident should contact the Dane County Sheriff's tip line at 608-284-6900.

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