FOX47 NEWS - Tax Day Rally Brings Thousands to Downtown Madison

FOX47 News
Apr 14, 2012, 11:47 PM

Madison, Wis. -- A tax daytea party rally on the Capitol Square still featured the annual talk on lowertaxes and smaller government, but upcoming recall elections in Wisconsin tookcenter stage this April 14th. 

Americans For Prosperity sponsoredthe event.  Local, state, and national speakers mentioned Scott Walker'sname many times, but not in the manner that's become common around theCapitol.  They want to see him keep his seat and move Wisconsin towardtheir picture of fiscal stability. 

Supporters of Walker saytheir campaign to see to it he prevails in June is strong.

Many came to fulfill theirsense of civic duty.

"Being politicallyactive is something they should do their entire lives," Elizabeth Daysaid.  "It's a responsibility and a duty we have as citizens and wefeel it's one fo the most important lessons we could give to them."

The other side of thesquare featured a counter-protest of supports.

"Im against Walker,and I don't agree with what these people are saying at all, but I am all forfree speech and understanding," said Jennifer Thompson.

Madison Police estimatebetween 1,500 and 2,000 people attended the event, down from last year'sattendance of 6,500 when Sarah Palin was the headline guest.


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