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Madison- Rice Lake will host an 8-man football All-Star game this weekend. There aren't many 8-man teams around the state (compared to conventional 11-man), but the sport is growing.  By next season there will be more than 20 teams playing 8-man football in Wisconsin.  If they get to 30 the WIAA will consider sponsoring a state tournament. 

We caught up with Madison Abundant Life head coach Mark Martinez and a couple of his all-stars to take about the growth of the 8-man game.

Martinez: "There are a lot of schools out there that have declining enrollment and when they talk about 8-player football they want to know if it's legitimate or not. And of the things that does is having a playoff which we are working towards but also having an all-star game too and give those seniors a chance to get celebrated."

Dylan Rockwell, Madison Abundant Life Senior: "It's pretty high scoring. You look up at the board and see 45-50 points. It's like backyard football honestly. And it's so much fun to play."

Alex Pien, Madison Abundant Life Senior: "It's cool to get this recognition and kinda know that we were part of the pioneers and we kinda helped start it in Wisconsin. So it's definitely growing."


8-Man football steals spotlight

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