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Fayetteville, AR- Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema knows something about winning conference championships.  He won three straight Big Ten titles before bolting for Arkansas in December.  With the season opener right around the corner, Bielema thinks he sees something in this Razorbacks team that he saw with the Badgers teams that won the B1G.

" I tell my players all the time that it's not just going to be this one moment where we realize that we're where we want to be. It's gonna be a steady process to get to where we need to be. I think about during my past experiences as a head coach, as I knew we were getting closer and closer to a championship level team you begin to notice certain things. Made note of them in my mind- I don't know if they were apparent to everybody else. They're definitely not apparent to the outside world. I had a couple of those moments last week."


Bielema has flashbacks

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