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Green Bay- Super Bowl week means time to reflect for Packers legend Bart Starr.  He won two Super Bowls as Green Bay's quarterback in 1966 and '67. But none of that would've been possible without the man that led the charge.

Vince Lombardi- considered one of the best of all time- arrived in Green Bay after the worst season in team history.  He led them to five NFL titles and two Super Bowl crowns.  He must've been pretty good... the winner of the Super Bowl is awarded the Lombardi Trophy.  Players like Starr knew they had something special with Lombardi pacing the sidelines.

"In his very first meeting you could see how well prepared he was. And then he approached what he was teaching at the session that day.  You could sense an outstanding teacher, and builder that he was.  And that's exactly what we were. He just brought us right up, quickly.  He was very tough but he was fair.  And so this was nothing.  I'd grown up in a military family.  This was a piece of cake, I- really was.  It was an absolute joy to have been exposed to him, to grow with him, and to see the success come to him and to us because of what he brought."



Starr reflects on Lombardi

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