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MONROE, Wis. - Green County leaders voted 2-1 to certify recount results for their portion of the 17th Senate District recount without the 110 missing ballots.

Ernie Wittwer’s lead in Monroe went down by 30 votes due to the missing ballots.

According to a statement released by the Green County Clerk’s Office, the recount board was not able to reconcile the number of ballots counted from election night with the amount of ballots that were delivered in sealed ballot bags to the clerk’s office.

“The number of ballots that are missing is 110, therefore indicating that not all of the 1,673 voted ballots were placed in the ballot bags and sealed into the ballot bags on election night at Monroe City Hall,” the statement said.

If nothing changes in Juneau and Richland counties, the counties that are still doing the recount, Pat Bomhack would win by 31 votes, which would leave Wittwer thinking about legal options.

“It has to an extent shattered my confidence in our voting process, and that’s unfortunate,” Wittwer said. “I hope it doesn’t do that to a lot of other people as well, but I think we need to do a better job of ensuring our ballots are secured and managed in a way that ensures that all the voters are enfranchised.”

The winner would face Republican Howard Marklein to fill the seat of retiring Sen. Dale Schutlz.

Green County recount votes certified without missing ballots

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