Michelle CarollaMICHELLE CAROLLA - Main Anchor
Twitter: @MichelleFOX47
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1pXcN0u 

I'm passionate for traditional journalism and believe it serves a critical role in our world. I first started in TV news at 17 running cameras and master control. Fast forward a few years later and I still enjoy the art of the industry. I enjoy covering a variety of stories, but really love health and consumer stories that offer helpful info to viewers.

My career started in WV and spanned the southeast in TN, VA and SC, both in TV and Radio. Most recently I taught Journalism at Coastal Carolina University in SC. I learned a great deal from my students, most importantly to always keep the excitement for your passion. I completed a BA at Concord College in Athens, WV and an MA at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

I'm married to my wonderful, supportive husband, Nick and we have one son, Enzo. Send me your thoughts and ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

Fun Facts:

Favorite season of the year: I love winter best

Favorite outdoor activity: I'm not really an outdoorsy person. My husband says my idea of roughing it is the penthouse suite.

Best thing I ever ate: My grandmother was a chef her entire life. Her coconut cream pie would top just about anything you could ever want to eat. My husband and I ate at the restaurant in Rome where Fettuccini Alfredo was invented and it was absolutely decadent.

Favorite place I've been: A toss between Paris and Rome. Both cities are insanely beautiful and exciting. My husband and I went to both on our honeymoon. We even met Pope John Paul II and received a personal marriage blessing at the Vatican. It was amazing.

I've always wanted to visit: The entire world. Since I can remember, I wanted to see every possible inch of the earth. I'm really behind on that goal, but hope to catch up!

Favorite Movie: Since the day I saw it in junior high in our hometown theater-Back to the Future. I think I know every line.

Favorite Band: The Eagles!! A super thrill for me was my interview with Glen Frey. I was so young and star-struck, but I managed to keep it together! Boston, Styx, all the great 70’s bands. Can’t forget disco...my friends know I’m also the disco queen. I also love Big Band, 50’s and 60’s.

Out-of-work Activities: My absolute favorite thing is waking up knowing I can spend the entire day with my family. Anything we do is a favorite for me. I also love cooking, although my husband would say I like cookbooks more! Trying new restaurants and traveling anywhere are also top of the list.

Fun Fact: I’d say singing the National Anthem. It seems to follow me wherever I live. I sang at Camden Yards twice and for the inaugural season of The Nationals. I also sang at nearly every possible event over the years!

Karin SwansonKARIN SWANSON - Meteorologist
Twitter: @KarinSwansonWx
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/QhQcAW

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000 with degrees in Atmospheric Science and in Spanish. I don’t use my Spanish as much as I’d like, but I’m happy to be forecasting in Wisconsin. I grew up in the Twin Cities in a family of avid campers, and became interested in the weather and nature through my camping experiences. My Dad, a former pilot, would often share his weather wisdom with me as a child.

I began my broadcast career at a weather company in Madison. From there, I moved to Wausau, WI for three years and worked at the FOX and ABC affiliates, as well as for a private forecasting company. In 2003, I was lucky enough to make the move back to Madison, and have been forecasting for southern Wisconsin ever since. My forecasting won me a Regional Emmy nomination in 2014 for “Outstanding Achievement for News Specialty Report/Series for Weather.” I have also won awards from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for Best Weathercast, and for my reporting. I have been honored with three Eric Sevareid awards for Best Weathercast from the Northwest Broadcast News Association. I am also a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM), and hold the AMS Seal of Approval. I am an active member of the American Meteorological Society and of the National Weather Association.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I reside in Madison with my husband, my son, and my daughter.

Favorite season of the year: I enjoy the change of seasons in Wisconsin. I love the hot and humid days and stormy nights of the summer, the beautiful colors and crisp air of the fall, getting to be a kid in the first big snowstorm of the year, and the sound of melting snow in the springtime.

Favorite outdoor activities: Gardening, camping, hiking, exploring with my family

Least favorite outdoor activity: Putting the lawn furniture away at the end of the summer

Best thing I ever ate: Hmmm…my mouth is watering thinking about all of the great meals I’ve shared.

Favorite sports team: The Badgers

Favorite places I've been: Prague is beautiful…the architecture is fantastic. I also loved getting to backpack through the Yucatan with my sister on our Mayan ruin tour. Hawaii with my husband was a great place for a honeymoon. Some of my favorite memories from growing up come from time at the Swanson family cabin in northern Minnesota, and camping in the Boundary Waters.

I've always wanted to visit: Anywhere I’ve never been before. I love adventure and getting to explore different places.

Favorite Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Singin’ in the Rain, The Sound of Music

My adventurous side: I’ve been skydiving, firewalking, rappelling, parasailing, and ziplining, just to name a few things. I’ll try most things once.

Karin SwansonKEVIN LEWIS - Sports Anchor
Twitter: @TheKevinLewis

After more than a decade, I`m happy to call Wisconsin home... again. I graduated from Marquette University in 2001, with a degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication and a minor in Spanish. I started out as a sports reporter/anchor in my hometown Columbia, MO before moving on to the warmth of Tucson, AZ. I`m fortunate to have the opportunity to return to the midwest- and knock the dust off of my winter coat.

I love working in areas that have a ton of different sports interests. Everything from Packer football, to Badger hoops, to high school hockey- and everything in between. Southern Wisconsin is a great place to cover sports.

When I`m not working, you can find me watching sports and burning up the DVR on my TV, painfully cheering for my beloved Cubs, traveling, exercising, or looking for new things to do in Madison.

What is your work history?

Sports Intern at WISN-TV Milwaukee

Sports Anchor/Reporter- KMIZ Columbia, MO

Sports Anchor/Reporter- KMSB Tucson, AZ

Currently at FOX47 Madison!

What's the most memorable sports story you`ve ever covered?

Bad- Covering the NCAA investigation into the Missouri men`s basketball program following allegations that head coach Quin Snyder and his staff new about cash payments to players.

Good- Veterans Day weekend… The Missouri basketball team was hosting an invitational that included Army. "The Antlers"- a group of students that gets pretty brutal with its verbal assaults on opposing teams- and the rest of the student section, stood and cheered during the starting line-up announcement for Army. Wasn`t that big of a story. It was just cool stuff.

What is your favorite place to visit?

I love me some Vegas. I`m not even a big gambler. There`s just so much going on at all hours of the day and night. Great for people-watching, too.

San Diego is a close second.

What do you like to do when you`re not working?

I'm pretty laid back. When somebody asks me "What did you do on your day off?," I have NO problem saying "Nothing!" But, I watch a lot of movies & TV. I exercise as much as possible, occassionally try to put on a chef`s hat, traveling, wearing out my DVR.

What's your favorite movie?

Too many to narrow the field… Off the top of my head: "Tombstone," "Rounders," "American Gangster," "Major League," all thngs "Star Wars"

What is on your Madison to do list?

  • Wear my Marquette (Class of 01!) shirt to a Wisconsin/Marquette basketball game
  • Go to State Street. And conquer it.
  • Do something in or around the lakes (when they're not frozen
  • Become a part-time cheese critic. Or full-time.

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