Showalter, Tamblyn find new challenge

Showalter and his fiancee' Annie are training for their first triathlon.{ }

Madison - Former Wisconsin athletes Zak Showalter and Annie Tamblyn aren't done challenging themselves. Less than two years removed from life as Badgers, Showalter- a former starter on the basketball team, and Tamblyn- an all-conference swimmer, are training for their first triathlon.

"In basketball, you sprint for maybe 50 feet at a time, but now it's just getting into that mindset of slowing down and taking your time." Showalter said before a training run.

Watching one of his former teammates finish a triathlon was one of Zak's motivating factors. "Being there on the finish line on the day that he finished really inspired me and kinda made me question myself - is this something I could see myself doing someday?"

Tamblyn isn't going to have any problems with the swimming portion of the course, so she's focusing on getting her running steps in order.

"I am learning to run," she said with a grin. "It's a different kind of grind that you're going through. We get to push each other. I get to push him in the pool, he gets to push me out of the pool and just having that support."

Zak and Annie will compete in the Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon, September 9th in Madison.