Alton Cunningham: Contender

Cunningham will fight for a UFC contract Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Madison - Mixed martial artist Alton Cunningham's getting ready for the biggest fight of his young career. The 25-year-old middleweight (185 lbs) will compete in the UFC's "Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series" Tuesday in Las Vegas. Cunningham faces Bevon Lewis, with the winner likely getting a full-time UFC contract.

"This an absolutely incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity," Cunningham said Thursdays. "Being on this platform sets me up for something greater."

Martial arts master Lawrence Pearson coaches Alton at Perfect Moves Martial Arts. Alton asked him if he could make him into a champion. Pearson said yes- as long as he puts in the work. "He puts in the time. He comes to sparring. He comes to the technique classes," Pearson said during training. "Most guys think they can be a fighter in two or three months. I actually held him back for two years before he actually fought. So if you think you're going to do this in three months, and be at this level, you're wrong."

Alton's 5-0 in his pro career, but he said he'll have his share of nerves when he steps into the octagon. "If I didn't get any nerves, then what am I here for? I thrive on that."