Badgers players define "Wisconsin football"

Tyler Biadasz says the team motto is "Smart, tough, and dependable."{ }

A common theme among Wisconsin football players is getting back to playing "Wisconsin football." There's no set definition of what it means to play "Wisconsin football," but this year's team has a pretty good idea of what they think it means.

"We have a motto. It's 'Smart, tough, and dependable.' We gotta be that all the time," starting center Tyler Biadasz said. "We strive for greatness. We wanna be great. And we have to do little details, because that's what it comes down to."

Senior linebacker Chris Orr has his own twist on what it means to play "Wisconsin football."

"You're gonna feel it when you play Wisconsin. The next week, you're gonna be hurting. You're gonna be spreading this to the other Big Ten teams. You're going to be going back to your school and telling everybody about how physical Wisconsin was, how smart they were," Orr said with a grin. "All these penalties that we've had, or getting out of position is not Wisconsin football. That's what getting back to Wisconsin football is."