Brogdon seeks balance this offseason

The 2017 rookie of the year said he'll take more time to travel and do more work with his nonprofit this offseason.

Milwaukee - Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon says he didn't have much of a social life in high school because he was too focused on making it to the NBA.

Now Brogdon says he wants to achieve more balance in his life. The reigning Rookie of the Year wants to more things off the court while staying committed to improving on the court.

"For me it's getting out traveling. Of course doing my training, getting better. But traveling, spending time with the people that I care about," Brogdon said during the teams season-ending media session. "Eating different foods, doing a little bit of everything. Trying to help people. Doing as much as I can to use my platform and my resources to help other people. As you know I'm doing a few water projects. So get a little bit more involved with that."

This season, Brogdon backed PureMadi, a nonprofit that provides clean water and other health services in South Africa.

Brogdon averaged 13 points, three rebounds, and three assists per game despite missing more than a two months with a torn quadriceps.