Bye bye kickoffs?

The new rule could signify the beginning of the end of kickoffs in college football.

Madison - Kickoffs as we know them might become a thing of the past- sooner rather than later.

The NCAA has approved a rule change that allows kickoff returners to call for a fair catch inside the 25-yard line. The receiving team will get the ball at the 25-yard line regardless of where the fair catch is made.

Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst thinks it's a significant change because of its effect on special teams planning.

"I think it takes away a strategic part of it. Especially after a penalty or something, you've got a short field. But it'll be interesting to see," Chryst said. "Going back and looking at how many times that situation would actually come up and making sure your guys are aware of it on the return unit, like I said, on the coverage unit, and identifying it. Is it going to happen or not?"

The rules committee cites player safety as the main reason for the change.