"Girl Wonderful" empowers women everywhere

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It all started with wanting a little more. "I wish there was something else," said Elizabeth Medina.

Medina is a born and raised Wisconsinite, graduated from UW-Madison and worked in fashion in New York City for designers like Vera Wang. When her daughter Isa was born, there weren't a lot of options for clothing.

"There were a lot of dresses, a lot of ruffles, a lot of pink," she explained.

That's how Girl Wonderful was born.

Medina started the brand with her mom, who is an experienced entrepreneur. She also wanted to help other girls of all ages know that they are capable of anything.

"I had a high school counselor who told me that I needed to learn a language to be a secretary, and I ended up going to college for computer science," Deb Kusmec said, "Sometimes we get pigeon holed."

"The nice thing about this — is that we can have that conversation with a little girl. If she's wearing her Girl Astronaut shirt, you can say, 'Oh do you like space?'" Kusmec explained.

Girl Wonderful has grown nationwide, with shirts that encourage girls to be leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists, to name a few. Medina wants to make sure young girls like her daughter Isa feel empowered and know they can do whatever they want to do — now or in the future.

"We see little girls, and we say - oh, they're so cute - and comment on their appearances when they have ambitions and dreams, and they want to achieve things."

At 6 years old, Isa definitely knows she can change the world.

"Girls can do anything they set their minds to," she said.

So watch out world, a lot of girl power is heading your way.

You can connect with Girl Wonderful at