Healthy eating pays off for Scherle

Scherle, a junior, credits healthy eating for her improved play this season.

Madison - Wisconsin softball player Gabby Scherle wanted to earn more playing time. The junior outfielder decided the best way to do that was to make changes in the kitchen. She's started a healthy eating regimen that includes packing an extra avocado when she leaves her apartment.

"I guess it's just become like a huge hobby, so it's something I always made time for," Scherle said. But eating healthy wasn't always a priority.

"I always ate out, and that I thought was way more expensive than now buying my own groceries. So now that I go to the grocery store, I'm pretty strict."

The results are starting to pay off. Scherle's putting up career-highs in batting average (.248), hits (27), and walks (12). Her 109 at-bats are more than her first two seasons combined.

"Even I first tried to get into it, like consistency is key and you don't see the changes in your body and in your mood until you've been consistent with it for a while, but your body will reward you."

While Scherle says she's cut down on going out to eat, she doesn't think you have to completely deny yourself good food. "I'm just all about 'strong is beautiful' and working hard to get your muscle and eat healthy and be the best version of yourself."