Jordy Nelson will return to the Packers... for a day

Oakland released Nelson after he caught 63 passes in 2018.

Packers receiver Jordy Nelson might sign with the Packers again- for one day. The Green Bay fan-favorite was a guest on the "Dan Patrick Show," and he confirmed that team president Mark Murphy reached out to him about signing a one-day contract.

Nelson said there was no discussion of a full-time return.

"No. They didn't show any interest at all after last year, after being released by Oakland," Nelson said. "I don't think that door was ever opened again."

The 11-year veteran said his retirement wasn't injury related.

"Body feels great. It could be health-related because I want to leave the game that way. I don't want to play as long as I can until my body is beat up and I'm forced out." Nelson caught 63 passes for the Raiders last season. He caught 550 passes in ten seasons with the Packers. His 65 touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers are the most of any quarterback-receiver combo in team history.

Patrick also asked Nelson what would happen if Rodgers called him and asked him to come back to the Packers.

"That would be an interesting phone call," Jordy said."If that happened that would be a very, very interesting question. But my guess is that it won't.

Nelson said he plans to move his family back to his native Kansas and spend time on his farm.