Curtis kicks, paves way at Lodi

Lodi kicker Savannah Curtis hopes she can help pave the way for more girls to get into football.

Lodi - Savannah Curtis has been a football fan for as long as she can remember and now she's living out her dreams playing on the Lodi High School football team as a placekicker.

Lodi is undefeated (7-0) and ranked number one in the state in the AP poll for medium-sized schools.

Curtis draws some attention because being a girl on a boys football team is still somewhat unique,

But Curtis shows every day that she's a football player like everyone else on the team.

Curt Curtis, Savannah's dad, remembers an example.

"It was the last play of the game if I recall correctly and she threw a heck of a block on a boy that wasn't expecting it," Curt Curtis recalls.

"She kind of laid him out and paved the way for the wide receiver to make it into the end zone."

Curtis has made 42 of her 44 extra point attempts and could be kicking at Camp Randall if Lodi makes the WIAA Division Four State Championship game.

Waunakee's Kassy McCarthy kicked in the Warriors' state championship win in 2009 against Kimberly.

Curtis thanks people like McCarthy who helped pave the way for players like her.

"It's cool to see that there are female coaches now in the NFL," Curtis said. "Girls are really starting to get involved with like guys sports. Don't like let people tell you - oh that's a guys' sport, like you shouldn't be playing, because you can. Girls can do it too, you know."