NCAA denies Potter's final appeal

Potter (left) will be eligible to play Dec. 21st vs. Milwaukee.{ }

Micah Potter's final appeal to begin playing for the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team immediately has been denied and he won't be eligible until the Badgers 11th game of the season December 21st against Milwaukee.

The NCAA's Committee for Legislative Relief granted a telephonic hearing to Potter Thursday, but late Thursday afternoon, Potter announced on Twitter his final appeal was denied.

Potter said "my eligibility waiver was denied again today and sadly, we now have closure. I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated we've reached this point. I'm still confused why I am being punished for behaving in a manner hat the NCAA requests of its student athletes."

Potter added, "for the next month, my goal continues to be what it has been, of doing everything possible to prepare my teammates for upcoming games and supporting them from the sidelines."