No free time, no problem for Turner

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Madison - La Follette high school senior Tyra Turner doesn't have much free time, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Turner's balanced five sports and school work since her freshman year. She stepped away from basketball after her sophomore year so she could focus on volleyball, gymnastics, softball, and track.

"I love all of my teams with all my heart, they're some of my best friends I've met playing sports," Turner said after track practice.

Her love of sports started at age four, and Turner credits her mother with getting her to start early. "She wanted me to have as many opportunities as I could into my high school years, so she helped me be involved in everything when I was younger." Tyra credits both of her parents for keeping up with her busy schedule and encouraging her to stay busy.

"All of those nights they sacrificed to come and watch me and support me, like I can't imagine ever not having them in my life because they've been such a huge part of all of my success. I would be nothing without them."

Turner will compete in four events at this weekend's state track meet, and she plans to play softball at Wisconsin next year.