Steeler Nation invasion

Watt racked up 54 tackles and seven sacks as a rookie in 2017.{ }

Waukesha - Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt grew up in southeastern Wisconsin. Naturally, he wore Brett Favre and Donald Driver jerseys when he was a kid.

This offseason, the former Badgers star discovered that he has a non-Packers jersey that people want to wear. Older brother J.J. texted him a picture of a kid wearing a #90 Steelers jersey, and the reach of Steelers Nation finally hit home.

"To have that impact on the community and a little kid looking up to me... buying my jersey is truly a surreal feeling," Watt said with a wide-eyed grin. "Steeler Nation is crazy... I went on a cruise with my family and I see Steelers- it's everywhere. It's crazy. Everywhere I go I see Steelers jerseys. Black and Yellow. They are everywhere. It's a strong Nation."

Watt racked up 54 tackles, seven sacks, and one interception as a rookie in 2017.